Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 10'...

Ok so where do I even start lol...
First off, Today is my Birthday and it's definitely been a LONG time coming. Although I got even more obstacles and everything coming up in the near future, I gotta take the time to realize how far I've come as a individual, and how far my team has come too. Its crazy cause not too long ago I was just another person tryna find their spot in this world, but as of today, I can proudly say I know where I am. From school, to family matters, or this photography, to just tryna stay sane, boy has it been a journey. As for those who have just stepped up to plate, and introduced themselves in my life, all I can say is thank you. The people who embrace my love and show me the upmost respect and love, god bless you too. Many don't realize but alot of them influence me everyday. I've hit some bumps, but we all have, and I managed to find a way to manuever around them. My mom, who gives/shows so much effort in trying to raise me to be a man since my dad bounced, is the greatest woman alive in my book, and no one can compare. I try my hardest to make her proud, and stay happy, but I'm not perfect. Plus I'm a hardheaded child and like to figure out stuff myself, but I know she loves me lol. As for my little sister Jasmine, He knows I would kill for her if anything happened. She is who gets me up every morning grateful and ready for another day, and I love her with all that I got. Matter fact I love her even when I don't have anything else to offer, she has me in Love Debt. Most beautiful, intelligent, sweetest little girl I swear. Sounds like a biased compliment but trust me if you met her, you would say the same. :)
(Baby, I know you can't exactly read yet, but I love you soooo much and promise to be here for you anytime, anyplace, for whatever you need. And so if I ever vacation somewhere, I'll get momma a webcam so we can talk whenever you want! <3)
Now, about two more people/groups I must thank before I close this long confession is Lvl-10 Photography, and music group Tuesday Morning.
Lvl-10 Photography, brief congrats, we've done and are doing superb! Mainly consisting of my partner/bestfriend/model/PP/CEO/Pumpkin Head/rolemodel/hero Alyxis Audley (bka Lexi) and I, were ingraving our work all throughout San Diego, and hopefully nationally soon to come. Starting out as just two cool ass cats taking pics roaming the city, were about to expand into different areas with some heavyhitters. (So stay tuned). But besides the obvious, Lexi thank you for everything you continue to do from Gm's to Gn's. I love you girl, you mean more then you think in many ways. From the first day we dined in at TGI Friday's, to shaking the hands of everyone we have met as a team, damn, we sure have made a big leap of progress. I know time is gonna get tighter, and this may get paused here and there tryna balance it in our schedule, but no matter what, I know your here for me, and I'm damn right here for you too.
And last but not least, Tuesday Morning. A gifted team of musicians consisting of three people, but right now only two, have made some big improvement as well. Two boys branching off into a different name from a group of five, Me and Brandon Watson are sure but steadily getting out in society as some talented MC's just doing what we love. There was a quick hault on the group and our music b/c of some small disagreements on things, but we resolved the problem and got the show back on the road, the studio ready, and the people's ears to please. Be prepared, cause were gonna bring some real music to everyone who has been suffering, and tolerating all the weak stuff nowadays. I kiss and stamp that with my word.
But now concluding this with satisfaction, and a pat on my back, I am happy I wrote this. All of it. So to everyone who reads this, or just skims through it, have a Merry Christmas and be easy :)
-Blessings from your truly,
       Nicholas Hernandez

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