Saturday, July 2, 2011


Shit hit the fan. What had been said was said, and it just shows in this world people's secret tensions. Sadly it ended up between a couple faces that I never would have thought would throw me under the bus, but, you can never let your guard down. Maybe I'm being biased, or acting ignorant, but I hardly believe that I am for the reason being that if this situation was applied to anything else today, the script would flip. If someone has a problem with you, I would think they would talk to you personally about it instead of trying to pull your card in general, and if that on the internet. That's a shallow move on anyone's part, especially resorting to calling someone out on some social network. But the most amusing part of everything is then covering up for it all... a murderer isn't gonna go back and try to hide his mess when he's already been caught, so why not leave what you done out there for everyone to see. Either way your fucked and at the most part you'll be remembered for who and what it is you set out to get across. Then theres the issue on being "used". The situation being presented is that I have been and still am "using" people to get to where "I" want to be, without any consideration of others. Although, I had established a team that started with me, and expected for that team to ride this shit out with me, and had done nothing more than work harder every chance I got for this team, so how the fuck I'm I using anyone? When a team wins, they all win, there isn't any MVP or one over the other, at least not with this, cause we all put in the same effort as we did when we FIRST started. You know people get sidetracked with their own lives and its understandable but when one player starts getting his hands dirty and doing all the work, what else is there to expect. Don't try and hop back on the team and point fingers like "he's the bad guy", you sat out so what makes anyone think you can judge what the hell is being done, one has to adapt to the sudden obstacles along the way. The last time I checked, the verb "use" means being entirely taken advantage for or taken for everything that's there. I take pictures, whoever it is I took the picture of gets the pictures in return for their satisfaction and personal use, as well as mine. Sounds pretty fucking reasonable. You pay for a meal, and in return you receive your food, it's a two way street and if anything how life is run today. Now if I took pictures of someone, and left them with absolutely nothing more then a thank you and just shook, then I would take responsibility in being accused of "using" people, but since that's not what I've done or am doing, then I sure as hell am not going to take that accusation. The is no replacement of anyone who started on the team, and no favorites. This is supposed to be fun and the first step of the whole blueprint for the business, there may be some new recruits but that doesn't mean anything with the people who were already aboard. Clearly everything has changed to this moment, besides this small portion written theres more to it. What's done is barely forgiven, but definitely not forgotten.

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